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With Genomics, Experience Matters

For the last 20 years, Ambry Genetics has been seeking to better understand gene-disease relationships through collaboration, research and innovation. We have identified novel genes, designed custom assays, and brought to market more than 500 unique diagnostic tests. We’ve been first-to-market with game-changing technologies, including clinical exome and hereditary cancer panels. As a committed team of experts, we are equipped with powerful technologies and stand by ready to develop custom assays to meet your specific criteria.

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Pathology Enabling Precise Stratification

Molecular visualization technology based on Quanticell™ technology accurately detects a specific protein at the molecular level supporting dynamic drug discovery. Quantitative immunohistochemistry assays using novel fluorescent phosphor-integrated dots (PIDs) technology provides superior sensitivity and uniformity compared to conventional immunofluorescent imaging and immunohistochemical methods. PIDs are organic fluorophore assembly-conjugated nanoparticles with unique properties including: uniform size, high intensity fluorescent signal, high photostability (densely packed fluorophores networked via chemical binding), high sensitivity, and broad dynamic range.

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Through Imaging, De-Risk Development

Invicro’s specialized clinical imaging combined with preclinical work experience provides the ideal toolbox to advance drug development research into the clinical setting. The translatability of anatomical, functional, and molecular imaging to the clinical setting allows for the development of biomarker-based diagnostics to support go/no-go decisions at early clinical phases. Invicro‘s imaging scientists and physicians are experts in all clinical imaging modalities such as PET, SPECT, MRI, CT supporting single- or multi-site clinical imaging trials across all drug development stages. Our clinical team develops, manufactures, and distributes radiolabeled small and large molecule ligands, and are experienced in study site set-up, management, and image quality assurance techniques that produce highly consistent imaging data.

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With AI, Deeper Insights. Customizable Solutions.

Invicro employs a data-driven approach to developing robust algorithms and pipelines to solve complex image science problems. Machine learning, and deep learning are two powerful tools routinely used to drive these solutions leveraging Invicro’s deep scientific domain expertise in computer science, biomedical engineering, mathematics, optics and image processing. We have developed and validated analysis protocols across multiple imaging modalities spanning numerous disease areas such as oncology, neurology, cardiology, and pulmonary in both the preclinical and clinical space. Coupling these methods with Invicro’s deep scientific domain knowledge expertise allows us to produce unique, custom solutions to accommodate a variety of tasks across all therapeutic areas and modalities.

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