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Since 1999, Ambry Genetics has been giving healthcare providers accurate, affordable, and medically actionable genomic information, so they can make informed medical management decisions with their patients.

Experience: 20 Years of Industry Leading Testing

100+ genetic counselors and other medical experts with clinical genomic experience to serve and support you

>200 peer-reviewed publications and >450 studies presented at national and international conferences

Ongoing collaborations with industry influencing researchers and institutions

Results You Can Trust.

We never lose sight of the fact that there is a human life attached to every sample and every result. From the time the sample comes in our doors until the report leaves, we follow advanced laboratory procedures and ensure quality control to deliver accurate results you can trust. We led the largest study of its kind (20,000 cases) to illustrate why Ambry’s testing methodology is unmatched in accuracy and specificity. (Mu W, et al., November 2016).

Sample for Life

As part of our commitment to finding answers, we take a proactive approach to review variants and let you know when there is updated information, such as a reclassification, so that you can give your patients clear answers. We never lose sight of the fact that there is a human life attached to every patient report. Ambry’s Translational Genomics (ATG) lab provides further evaluation of variants of unknown significance (VUS) to better understand the alteration and bring clarity to the results.

Excellent Coverage. Personalized Support.

At Ambry, we believe that each person should be treated as an individual when it comes to genetic testing. This remains true as it pertains to the cost associated with testing. Our goal is to provide you with our high quality genetic testing without cost being a barrier or burden.

Ambry’s Timeline of Innovation

It’s not just the ‘firsts’ that set us apart. It’s that we remain leaders of scientific innovation, with an uncompromising commitment to improve patient care.