See ahead.

To look forward. To predict. To understand. Konica Minolta Precision Medicine is out front, quantifying probability and possibility so individuals can receive care more precisely, earlier.

Mapping Health Expression

At Konica Minolta Precision Medicine, we believe breakthroughs in precision medicine can be found in the health expression map, the undiscovered territory between an individual’s genetics and their biological impacts over time. We concentrate our efforts precisely there, quantitatively measuring human health over time against health risk and potential.

Seeing Knowledge in Data

We uniquely apply genetic, imaging and pathology technologies. We capture the most diverse and novel set of deeper, richer, more granular data from genes, proteins, cells and tissues.

Our Health Intelligence and Visualization Platform

This novel data is united with sophisticated analytics and unmatched scientific expertise to enable a health intelligence and visualization platform which unifies disparate data sets to make correlations, find insight and understand causality. The platform is a continuous learning model that advances drug development and clinical diagnostics, providing for more precise and individualized applications. These applications are transforming healthcare by enabling more prescriptive, proactive and preventive care — continuously improving quality of life.

Pharma ServicesClinical Services
Match the patient to therapy through biomarker matching Intervene earlier when a patient shows potential for a disease Eradicate or avoid the disease entirely

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